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Our products are put through a week-long natural curing and smoking process that ensures durability for shipping off refrigeration, even in the hottest part of summer. Items going out West are shipped by UPS 3-day Air to get them there before the weekend. Depending upon the time of year and the weather conditions, your item may arrive thawed or partially thawed. It just needs to be refrigerated if it will be used within a few days, or it can be frozen until you do need it. Your brochure will tell you exactly how to handle the item once it arrives. Found it on the front porch? No problem. The cure and the natural smoke protect your turkey or ham from spoilage and bacteria. Just refrigerate or freeze it, and it will be ready when you are!

We ship to all 50 states by UPS, year-around, USA only. Our biggest shipping days are always on Monday; that gives the product plenty of time to arrive before the weekend. We do ship later in the week to areas that get next-day ground service by UPS. Shipped off refrigeration so they can be used immediately upon arrival, the turkeys and hams are fully re-freezable and can be placed in your freezer if you aren’t ready to use them right away. They will keep there indefinitely. Try slicing your item and wrapping the slices in meal-sized packs of foil for the freezer. That way, you only have to thaw the exact portion you need! At home, we always put our foil-wrapped packs in a gallon zip-lock bag to keep them together in the freezer.

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