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We are a family business that was established in 1949 by our dad, Robert Stegall. He was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division in WWII and jumped in the battle of the Bulge. While stationed in occupied in Berlin after war ended, he stayed with a German family that hunted pheasants and smoked them in their large open fireplace. Daddy returned home to the States with their dry cure recipe in hand and built a little smokehouse on a couple of acres of land his father owned “down in the country”. After experimenting off and on for a couple of year, he introduced his smoked turkey to the public and began selling it locally.

Our Grandfather, Bruce Stegall, was in the meat processing business during this time, working up steers and hogs for the farmers in the surrounding area. Daddy, of course, was his right-hand man, which got really serious after our grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer, which had metastasized to his brain. After about three years and two brain surgeries, he passed away, leaving the meat processing business solely in Daddy’s hands.

Daddy sold the smoked turkey business in the mid-60s in order to devote full time to the old business, but then bought it back to the mid-70s, and rest is history! Once he started shipping out of State, things picked up very quickly, and the entire family got involved, including our mom, Marcell. Mom and Dad are both gone now, but nothing much has changed here at Stegall Smoked Turkey. Still using the same old methods, we started with (no injections or sprays or fillers!), and life is good.


Ultimate dining experience
One thing that has changed at Stegall Smoked Turkey. We have added a small BBQ restaurant to the mix, and we smoke pork Boston butts, beef briskets, chicken halves, turkey drumsticks and baby back ribs. You can get plates, sandwiches, and sandwich combos with the meats above and our smoked turkey as well.