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* * * Stegall Smoked Turkey & Hams * * *


                                                                 Delicious Stegall Smoked Turkeys and Hams are prepared in an old-fashioned smokehouse   with natural hickory hardwoods to give them that                                                                  wonderful delicate taste and exceptional    keeping qualities. No liquid smoke or sprays are used, making Stegall Smoked Turkeys and   other
                                                                 meats---ideal for low cholesterol, low fat diets. A thawed smoked turkey will keep for 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator, and the ham, one week.
                                                                 All Products including our smoked  turkeys ship nationwide. At Stegall Smoked Turkey, we continue the fine tradition of cooking and smoking
                                                                 our plump, delicious turkeys by using the same natural method developed by Robert Stegall in the 1940's. And because we process our own
                                                                 turkeys rather than buying them from another processing plant for resale, you are assured of quality with every bite.

What Makes the Difference?

  No Liquid Smoke     No Sprays

   Our Stegall smoked turkeys are still prepared in an old-fashioned smokehouse with natural hickory hardwoods, to give them that wonderful delicate taste and the exceptional keeping
qualities you have come to expect from our products. This also makes them ideal for low sodium, low cholesterol, and low fat diets!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Stella D.  From  San Francisco, CA

Hubby & I flew into CLT on our way elsewhere and drove past this little roadside joint early one Saturday morning. I spied it and said - On the way back, we ARE GOING there! The smell was amazing, and it just had that look of a place that a lot of folks wouldn't stop at. But I know good food when I see/smell it!  Sure enough, on our way back out of NC last week, we searched for it, and finally found it, by following our noses. Heavenly Smell of hickory smoke and yummy meat & sauce!  We decided on just going all out, and got a 1 lb container of BULK pulled pork, a large potato salad, and 1 sweet 1 tangy sauce to go. We figured we could make everyone on the plane jealous as we tucked into our fab dinner.  As luck would have it, we were sitting about 15 aisles apart, and it was an over-full flight! So we didn't get to eat on the plane…  Our BBQ had to wait until the next night. SO we carried this precious cargo by hand, in it's paper bag, thru 2 flights and a cab ride, put it all in the fridge at home and waited til the next night to dig in.  100% Worth The Wait!!!!  I mixed about half the pork w/both tubs of sauce, heated it up on the stove, and we spooned it onto crusty rolls we bought fresh at home.  The pork was luscious, the sauces were exactly right.  The potato salad was about the best I've ever had, and I thought my Mom's could not be duplicated. (I had to dig out the little chunks of red peppers, cuz I'm allergic, but otherwise it was delish!)

Leona J. From Stanford, CT

Words can't explain what my taste buds experienced. Everything made to perfection tender full of flavor. Get over there and check it out for yourself! Awesome!

Tonya P. From Charlotte, NC

I am not a big fan of smoked meats, however, I am a big fan of stopping at unfamiliar restaurants, country stores and gas stations.  I can poke around and find something interesting. 
Stegall's is one of those places you drive by and say to yourself, I wonder what this is all about.  I have lived in Charlotte for seven years and driven by numerous times on my way to visit my family.  This year was the year I stopped.  They offer smoked turkeys, turkey jerky, a small selection of candies, jellies and antiques.  I will be stopping by on my next visit to the beach.  I grabbed a menu from the bbq restaurant, sandwiches, plates, chicken, ribs, pulled pork.  Baked beans, mac & cheese, coleslaw, brunswick stew, cornbread and banana pudding.  I can't wait to go there...  TurkeyJerky out.

Marc W. From Charlotte, NC

BBQ was good.  They had excellent sauces, all are very good!  Stop in! I liked it a lot better than Barbees bbq.


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